Online Craps

For many crap players, online playing is viewed as a much more favorable option than the inconvenience of having to go to a physical casino to do it. But although online craps has come a long way and looks a lot like real life play, many craps beginners have been turned off to it because of untrue assumptions about it.


What is the game craps?

These people have been made to believe that online craps is an extremely difficult way to learn how to play the game. One big reason for this is the smaller size of the computer-generated craps board, which is much smaller than the real life thing and there for supposedly making learning it harder—supposedly so.

While it is actually true that sometimes it is harder for beginners to see everything on the smaller board, the software of all online games offer helpful guides specifically for the instruction of beginners. For this reason, online craps playing is actually a much better place to learn the game.