Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer bonuses as a courtesy to players. After registering as a first-time account holder with an online casino, you will receive a welcome or sign-up bonus. These bonuses include a no-deposit bonus where you receive a small, generous amount in your online account to help get you started.


What is a casino bonus?

Once a member, online casinos may offer additional bonuses such as a match bonus in case you had to pay a beginner’s deposit. Match bonuses are typically offered at a percentage rating. For example, if the percentage is 200%, and you paid $100, the match bonus would value $200.

Remaining bonuses offered by online casinos are free spin, free play, refer-a-friend and loyalty bonuses. These would be offered to you after months or years of continual membership. The best way to get started is to take advantage of the best bonuses by signing up with a high-level, online casino.