Online Casino High Roller Bonus

Are you a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? The funny thing is that casinos have a number of interesting terms, such as High Roller, VIP and Whale. What exactly is the Online Casino High Roller Bonus? And, how do I qualify?


What is a high roller bonus?

The truth is that all of these terms refer to the same type of gambler. Unlike, those who only wager a couple of pennies or nickels, the High Roller, VIP and Whale are interested in large bets. These might include celebrities, politicians, athletes and other wealthy individuals who gamble online.

So, what is the Online Casino High Roller Bonus? The Online Casino will reward you for large bets. It might give you free rolls, credits or some extra money. It rewards you for being one of their most valuable customers. It is nice being treated like a gambling VIP online.