Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Online Caribbean stud poker shares many commonalities with other variants of poker. However, the biggest difference is that players compete against the house for the pot. This means bluffing is not required.


What is caribbean stud?

To play, each player must place an ante. Each player and the dealer receive 5 cards and the dealer will flip one of theirs, after which players look at their cards. Players can decide if they want to play or fold. The dealer then flips over their remaining cards and the game begins.
If the dealer “qualifies,” meaning an Ace/King high or any other poker hand, then players show their hands to the dealer and are paid if they beat the dealer. If the dealer does not qualify, the game is a push and players are paid even money. Payouts begin on a 1-1 ratio at one pair and scale with each higher hand, with a Royal Flush paying out 100 to 1.